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fitness trainer
Tennis Trainer

About Me

With eight years of experience as a personal fitness trainer and two years as a tennis instructor for beginner tennis players I will work with you to reach your fitness goals and ideal health. I have extensive experience training women and men of all ages and fitness levels.

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Strength Training

4EverFitBody Personal Training is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals and maintaining a lifestyle of health and vitality. Our personal training will give you the resources you need to get in shape—and stay in shape.

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Cardio Trainer

Cardio Design

As a certified personal trainer, I can show you which exercises will be best for your current physical condition and how to get started on a cardiovascular program that you will enjoy and stick with. Call for a personal consultation!

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Get Started

My goal is to help you become stronger, leaner and more flexible and reach maximum cardiovascular health for a longer and healthier life.

Cardiovascular Training

By monitoring your heart rate, we’ll design a personalized cardio program that will show you results through personal training. Feel better and get healthy through cardio design.

Strength Training

Offering customized exercise programs for weight loss, strength training, increasing stamina and race training. We offer personal training workouts for all fitness levels.

Tennis Training

For tennis players to perform at their peak, they need to have the right balance of aerobic and anaerobic training, explosive strength and power, and agility and speed off the mark.

Weight Loss

Through our weight loss programs, fitness consulting, and personal training for men and women of all ages, we’ll help you change your life one day at a time. Call today!

Physical activity has extrordinary benefits. Participation in a regular program of physical activity has been shown to produce positive changes in a number of organ systems. These benefits include better mental health, improved cardiovascular efficiency, and increased muscular strength, flexibility, power, and endurance.